So I don't know whether or not I want to be vegan. There is a stigma around veganism and I don't think it's as hard as people say it would be but I'm in a situation where I just don't know whether or not I want to be vegan. There as sooo many health and environmental benefits about becoming vegan and it is so much healthier but without knowing exactly what to eat and how much of it I think I'm going to find it hard. I have watched so many What I Eat In A Day videos and so many Why To Become Vegan videos but I still feel unsure. I have moments where I really want to be vegan then the next day I think that it's too hard. I want to be vegan for ethical and health reasons and I hate not having the courage to do it, but I feel like once I've started there's not really any going back. I also want to do this to lose a little bit of weight and as fad diets and calorie restricting is pointless I feel like this is the number 1 option. I really wish one of my friends wanted to change too, or my mum or family. But I feel like if I decide to make a change, I'll be really alone. If anyone reading this is vegan please let me know so I can ask some questions or if you want to become vegan because I'd love to see this from another person's perspective. I think I'm going to wait a few days until  decide, although I have been researching and coming up with meal plans for months. New Year, New Me right?! I think I'm just going to get out there and do it! I'll speak with my mum and BFF and try get an understanding of what they think. Any suggestions please let me know!
TeenTanglewreck xo


  1. Hi!
    I'm not vegan... but I think that I could give you some advice here. If you do become vegan, you're going to have to take vitiman/mineral supplements and all that, but I'd say you know that already. Personally, I don't like milk that much, so I drink like soya or almond or whatever. Its by choice though, rather than to be vegan (well thats a choice too, but you know what I mean). Also usually, at least once a week, I'll eat vegan/veggie all day and then go back to non-vegan if you know what I mean. If you are certain that this is what you want to do, then perhaps you could go vegetarian before being full on vegan? Hope I helped!
    KIsses, Rose

    1. Thank you for the advice!! I've decided (with advice from family and friends) to go vegan for one month and if I find I'm feeling better than i'll keep going. I relate with the not liking milk thing, never have. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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