does everything happen for a reason?

For about two years now I have really strongly believed absolutely everything happens for a reason.

There are different ways that this normally plays out;

When something seems relatively bad, like a breakup or missing a train or not being invited to a certain event. It's always moments like these where I think, who cares, I obviously wasn't meant to go. Maybe you'll meet someone at the station you never would've met, or maybe you'll see something that inspires you. Sometimes it leads to you not getting into an accident that would have happened if you had gotten on that train. And with breakups it allows you to meet people you wouldn't have met if you were with your previous partner.

At this point I should probably say I am not religious at all and never have followed any religion. And when I say I wasn't meant to be there I don't think that God or any higher being made sure I didn't go but I think everything in life is connected and everything happe…

Boys, anxiety, depression?

Help!! Why is it that I've wanted a proper, real boyfriend for so long, someone that likes me for who I am and we can chat for hours, and now that I have that it's just not making me feel any better.
Idk if it's just me, or just this relationship but it doesn't feel all butterflies and crazy happiness that books and movies make it up to. (I'm guilty of watching HUNDREDS of good old romantic chick-flicks).

When I'm with him I'm happy, we laugh and kiss and talk but for some reason I almost dread going to see him.

I have anxiety, not in a awful way where it controls my life but it certainly stops me from doing somethings or going out places with friends. And I'm wondering if my not feeling totally amazing around this boy is part of that. Maybe I'm anxious about it making me dread it because I know I'll be anxious? Ahhhh, the human mind confuses me.

We've been learning all about mental health recently because I am taking psychology and so I kno…

Update... Of the last year and a half, oops :)

So it's not that i stopped wanting to make blogs, I just kind of did. But now I'm going to talk about everything that has happened since January last year, which is a lot!

Now, I'm in Year 10 and still have an amazing group of friends, although reading back on my old posts makes me realise how much our group has changed because contrary to my earlier post, I'm friends with a lot of guys. I've also had a boyfriend, and have one now :) Yep, a lots changed.

I know how cheesy it sounds but I genuinely feel like I've changed a lot in these past months and I guess that's a part of going through your teenage years and growing up. I feel older (obviously) and my opinions on things have changed a lot. I've become more okay with how I look, and more confident in my opinions and ideas.

Another thing I noticed reading through my old posts was how I wanted to become vegan, and how I wasn't sure if I could do it or not. Well, I am proud to say I have been vegan f…

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by The Nobody's Place. I am a new blogger so I a little unsure of the rules but here is my attempt :) Here are the shortened rules:
Basically all you need to do is say who nominated you, and maybe a little but about them, answer the 11 questions they left on their blog, create 11 more questions and then nominate 11 more people who have less then 1000 followers/readers who will then answer the 11 questions you created. Thank you very much Lea M from The Nobody's Place (link in the first sentence) for nominating me!

QUESTION ANSWERING 1. Why did you start your blog and have the Volition to do it form the start until now? I didn't start my blog all that long ago but only in my first few blogs did I start to get a few readers. I did have a bit of a break through the summer holidays but am now back on and can't wait to create some more posts.
2.  Would you rather live in a big City or in a Little village? I live in a big city in Au…


So I don't know whether or not I want to be vegan. There is a stigma around veganism and I don't think it's as hard as people say it would be but I'm in a situation where I just don't know whether or not I want to be vegan. There as sooo many health and environmental benefits about becoming vegan and it is so much healthier but without knowing exactly what to eat and how much of it I think I'm going to find it hard. I have watched so many What I Eat In A Day videos and so many Why To Become Vegan videos but I still feel unsure. I have moments where I really want to be vegan then the next day I think that it's too hard. I want to be vegan for ethical and health reasons and I hate not having the courage to do it, but I feel like once I've started there's not really any going back. I also want to do this to lose a little bit of weight and as fad diets and calorie restricting is pointless I feel like this is the number 1 option. I really wish one of my …

Checking In

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been online in ages, I've been away for 2 weeks and recently got back. Hopefully either tomorrow or the next day I will post another one of my typical posts but for now I'm just saying hello once again. Let me know if you did anything exciting for Christmas or New Year or if you're in Australia how your summer holidays are going so far. Have an awesome week!
TeenTanglewreck xo

When your friends start to change

I had a best friend in Primary school, we were probably the only best friend 'couple' in the year, and I thought we'd be best friends FOREVER. But things change. She started to care so much about what people think of her, if boys like her, what she wears, how she acts. I'm very different to that. Yes, I care if I'm acting like a total looney-tune (Although that's often me in class) but I don't care if my clothes aren't from fancy shops (Target is my favourite:)) or if no boys like me. And it annoys me when I'm with her now... She's always on her phone checking if this boy has texted her or if her friends are doing something without her, and as much as I really really want to stay as close with her as i was in Primary School... I don't know if that will ever happen. I totally separated from my other friends when going into high school, not on purpose but to have a fresh start and also because I don't like the school most people were going…