does everything happen for a reason?

For about two years now I have really strongly believed absolutely everything happens for a reason.

There are different ways that this normally plays out;

When something seems relatively bad, like a breakup or missing a train or not being invited to a certain event. It's always moments like these where I think, who cares, I obviously wasn't meant to go. Maybe you'll meet someone at the station you never would've met, or maybe you'll see something that inspires you. Sometimes it leads to you not getting into an accident that would have happened if you had gotten on that train. And with breakups it allows you to meet people you wouldn't have met if you were with your previous partner.

At this point I should probably say I am not religious at all and never have followed any religion. And when I say I wasn't meant to be there I don't think that God or any higher being made sure I didn't go but I think everything in life is connected and everything happens for a reason.

There are also moments that are positive, that when they're happening you feel great and make fond memories of them. These happen for a reason. I believe that positive moments happen for a reason, to create memories that get you through a tougher time or change your perspective on something. These are obviously not the only two reasons but just as an example.

The third one is moments that are seriously bad. They are negative and it's often hard to find reasons for them to happen. It ranges from things such as world hunger and poverty to a young family member dying suddenly or being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

World events such as world hunger allow the world to grow, they make the world human in a sense that they are created for people to learn off. It is difficult to find reasons for why tragedies like this occur but some reasons we may not even know yet, in the future the solutions may appear.

Other negative events, such as a young family member dying, do happen for a reason. Every event that happens in your life shapes you, as cheesy as that seems, and develops you into who you are today. Maybe you'll meet someone at a place you wouldn't have gone to if the person didn't die and that changes your life.

I'm not sure if this is a cowardly way to think, if I'm allowing myself to blame the world for everything that happens and dismiss real issues because I believe it is happening for a reason. It's hard to follow this 100% of the time because sometimes the world does things no one could ever imagine would ever bring a positive component, but I do truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, if you think similarly or in the complete opposite direction I am interested to hear.

TT :)


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