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does everything happen for a reason?

For about two years now I have really strongly believed absolutely everything happens for a reason.

There are different ways that this normally plays out;

When something seems relatively bad, like a breakup or missing a train or not being invited to a certain event. It's always moments like these where I think, who cares, I obviously wasn't meant to go. Maybe you'll meet someone at the station you never would've met, or maybe you'll see something that inspires you. Sometimes it leads to you not getting into an accident that would have happened if you had gotten on that train. And with breakups it allows you to meet people you wouldn't have met if you were with your previous partner.

At this point I should probably say I am not religious at all and never have followed any religion. And when I say I wasn't meant to be there I don't think that God or any higher being made sure I didn't go but I think everything in life is connected and everything happe…

Boys, anxiety, depression?

Help!! Why is it that I've wanted a proper, real boyfriend for so long, someone that likes me for who I am and we can chat for hours, and now that I have that it's just not making me feel any better.
Idk if it's just me, or just this relationship but it doesn't feel all butterflies and crazy happiness that books and movies make it up to. (I'm guilty of watching HUNDREDS of good old romantic chick-flicks).

When I'm with him I'm happy, we laugh and kiss and talk but for some reason I almost dread going to see him.

I have anxiety, not in a awful way where it controls my life but it certainly stops me from doing somethings or going out places with friends. And I'm wondering if my not feeling totally amazing around this boy is part of that. Maybe I'm anxious about it making me dread it because I know I'll be anxious? Ahhhh, the human mind confuses me.

We've been learning all about mental health recently because I am taking psychology and so I kno…

Update... Of the last year and a half, oops :)

So it's not that i stopped wanting to make blogs, I just kind of did. But now I'm going to talk about everything that has happened since January last year, which is a lot!

Now, I'm in Year 10 and still have an amazing group of friends, although reading back on my old posts makes me realise how much our group has changed because contrary to my earlier post, I'm friends with a lot of guys. I've also had a boyfriend, and have one now :) Yep, a lots changed.

I know how cheesy it sounds but I genuinely feel like I've changed a lot in these past months and I guess that's a part of going through your teenage years and growing up. I feel older (obviously) and my opinions on things have changed a lot. I've become more okay with how I look, and more confident in my opinions and ideas.

Another thing I noticed reading through my old posts was how I wanted to become vegan, and how I wasn't sure if I could do it or not. Well, I am proud to say I have been vegan f…