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Health and Fitness... Fun right?!

Health and fitness can sometimes be one of the hardest parts of life, well maybe not but sometimes I wish that you could start your body over. I've always struggled with my fitness and weight, I'm not fat but I'm not exactly stick thin, model beautiful if you know what I mean. The problem I have is no motivation, well... little motivation. I'm like a roller coaster, in the day I'll be fruit and veggie filled drinking heaps of water but the second I'm home alone or after school... everything goes down the drain. It's my new year's resolution, but it's everyone's right? I do think that this year I'll change because just recently I've started not getting as hungry as often and know when to stop, I partially think I can blame everything on puberty but in the end you have to take some credit for what you do. If you have the same problem as me or have any suggestions of losing weight/fitness please let me know.
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New Years Eve

This year I'm doing nothing for New Years Eve... literally nothing! I'm home alone watching movies and eating icecream, but why do people celebrate it? I mean, I understand it's a time to celebrate the beginning of a year (obviously) but what else? When you think about it, it's just another night. I had plans but then my primary school best friend kinda bailed... so now I'm here but hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful night and for international readers I hope they have a good night. Btw I'm from Australia in case I hadn't mentioned that previously. Have an awesome beginning to the New Year and sorry for not posting for a couple days. As this is going to be my last post for 2015, good bye. (Although I might get inspired soon and post another blog in an hour or so..:))

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You may or may not have siblings, and there are many benefits for both. I have an older sibling and I can tell you now sometimes I wish I could flush his head down the toilet, but then I remember everything we did together when we were young and how I know he'd take a bullet for me. My brother and I aren't exactly best friends and the both of us are not the most talkative people but I am so glad I have him. I often think about how much we've grown apart over time and how differently we act now, no that it's all a bad thing. I remember how we used to have baths together and wake up at 2am on Christmas to look through our stockings. I think this age (12 to around 19) is hard, you're both trying to get through high school alive while juggling a social life, homework and relaxation. All I can hope for is that when we've both moved out of home we catch up for coffees on the weekends and if we both have children they can grow up together being the cousins everyone wa…

Before I Get To Bed

It may just be but I always seem to be looking my greatest the second I get ready for bed. My messy buns finally become nicely messy and my pyjamas flatter my body in the nicest way possible. But I must let you know this does not mean that after a shower i look good because my lord... that ain't a pretty site. The way your eyes goes puffy from the heat, your body bright red from the water and idk about you but i seem to go annoyingly pale. So yes, before bed I seem to be looking fine, but the second I  need to go out my face goes into panic mode leaving me looking like a weird panda. Can you relate??

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Teen Blogger Central

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About Me

Hey! I'm TeenTanglewreck. My blogging name is a little bit strange and a little bit cheesy but I chose it because I could. I'm a teen (obviously!) that is extremely creative, energetic, happy, a little bit shy, and not in the most POPULAR group at school. Although I do believe I have the best friendship group :) Things I enjoy: I love music, dreaming, imagining, creating, writing, thinking, and sometimes reading (if it's a good book). I started this blog to talk to people I don't know and to somehow share my creativity with the world. I also consider myself a very normal teen and would like to find other normal teens to talk to :) Please leave a comment or email me if you want to chat about anything... literally ANYTHING!

Best Friend Sometimes?

I have a friend. Let’s call her SP  and she’s really lovely to me. She calls me her ‘best friend’ and we catch up quite a lot on the weekends etc, but I don’t think she could be my best friend. I have another friend, lets call her Rain. Rain and I get each other. We understand exactly what the other one is thinking and we get along really well. But SP treats her like dirt. Not dirt in a way that she bullies he or anything, just she doesn’t treat her right. I know everyone cant always get along, and for sure I have friends that sometimes I wish I wasn’t friends with but I don’t know… I want to have one friend that I can trust, and that I can call them my best friend. But I don’t know when everything will form and I’ll know who. Once again if you’re reading this PLEASE comment. I would love to have a little internet friend who we could talk about life together. TeenTanglewreck xo

Body Issues That Aren't There

Bodies change, they make you taller, wider, longer, shorter, thinner. Especially when you are going through the horror and blessing of puberty. When I was little I was normal sized, and throughout primary school I was pretty average. I thought this is what it would be like all through high school... but it wasn't. My weight fluctuates, not massively but you can tell when I've eaten too much or when I don't each much throughout the weekend, and it's annoying. I'm not thin, never have been and never will be. I'm just not that shape but I'm not hugely over weight or what society calls 'fat'. In primary school no one really cared what you look like including myself but in high school everything changes. I spend nights wondering how to lose weight FAST and what exercises can slim down certain areas, but it's all a hoax. And i know that but still I wonder how come I'm not like my super thin friends that still eat the same amount just have a natura…

Is Dating In High School Ever Going To Become A Reality?

When I was in primary I always thought by Year 8 I would of fallen madly in love with my first ever boyfriend. It hasn't happened and I've finished Year 8. I'm waiting for the moment a nice boy asks me out and we go to the movies, or a bowling alley, or somewhere you always go on a first date in high school and we have the best time ever. But will it ever happen? I know there are people at the school I go to that are dating or have dated (including friends) and at this point I'm wondering will it happen to me before I graduate? I know people say to 'not worry about dating' and 'care more about your friends then boys' but why?? I like to think about the day someone asks me out, and trust me I've had enough 'crushes' to sink a ship, I'm definitely not just too picky. It's hard when you have a crush that isn't out-of-this-world hot and you know that they'd probably go out with you if you suggested the idea, but I have no urge to…

The Beginning

This is anonymous. Maybe no one will read it..? But I'm writing this for my own self. For me to look back and  remember how I felt, who I was. I'm a teenager, living a fairly unpopular, shy, simple teenage life. At school I have some of the best friends, and some friends I know I won't be friends with in 10 years. I don't know if I'm alone saying this, but as much as I know I have extremely happy, fun friends I'm waiting for the day I meet the friend... The one I know appreciates me for me, who I can tell my deepest secrets, how I feel and can call them at 2am telling them my fears. I don't battle with diagnosed anxiety but some nights I lie awake...panicking about all the stresses I have, and then I start panicking that I'm not asleep and I won't be energized enough for the home of stress and anxiety... school. High school is strange... and high school friends are even weirder. No one is emotionally stable, someone's dealing depression, someone…